❝ —— 

           Her  right  hand  is  a loose fist against her heart
           as her left arm is wrapped around her own waist
           in a known movement.

                 The  smile  that  pulls at her lips is controlled ( for if
                 she did not, it would have been a grin that betrayed
                 how  properly  ecstatic  she  was ) and  she appears
                 amused with him, more than anything.

                              ❝ —— That wasn’t so hard now, was it ? 
                                      ❝ Sure, yeah. Love to. I’ve got to go change, though. ❞

      Clara’s teasing is good for him, he knows that. It stops him taking things - including himself - too seriously. Even so her answer and her amused look won’t mesh in his mind and he momentarily doesn’t understand her.

       “Really? Really really?”

       Apparently so.

       He grins.

       “Well that’s——good. Top dollar. I’ll go and wait in here then.”

       He nods to the TARDIS, backing through the open doors, keeping his eyes (and smile) on her until the last moment as though worried that if he looked away it might be less real.

       After a beat he’s back again.

                                         “You do remember I’m an alien, yes?”

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*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass on to the the first ten on your dash))



"Ahem." The blonde bit her lip before catching his gaze. "T-that was nice." Her voice barely at a whisper.


"Nice as in I would definitely want to try that again in the near future. That sort of nice."

     “Ah…Brilliant. I’ll…er…pencil that in then, shall I? Did you have a preference as to when?”

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       ❝ I might’ve ——
              if you would just ask me out properly. 


       Well then….Clara Oswald. Would you do me the honour - I mean honour for me, not for you because you really don’t get the best of this deal to be honest - of…well, coming to dinner with me?

      Sort of a….date type thing.

      If you wouldn’t mind.

     You don’t have to say ‘yes’, you know.

                                                                    I can just….go if that’s better.”

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       As if she’s going to let him off that easily.

            ❝ You know, if you asked properly,
                                                  I might say yes. 

     “Ask what properly?
      I don’t what you mean.
      Clearly we’re talking at cross purposes here.
      I mean what even is properly?
      Surely it’s an abstract concept that needs——

       Hang on, did you say ‘yes’?”

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       ❝ You don’t like wine.
              And is that you asking ? 

      “But you like wine.And those tiny colourful drinks in the cone glasses.

            ———————— I’m asking if you’d possibly be free for dinner, yes. Dinner with dancing and wine and some nice clothes. You know, all those things that people do.                                    

                                                                                                         If you’re not busy.

       You’re busy, aren’t you? I can come back tomorrow. But, here, have these flowers anyway.”

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       ❝ Do they not do Parisian fish and chips
                                 at this Parisian restaurant ? 

     “—— They might do if I ask them.

                                                        They do good wine.
                                                        And dancing.

          ——-Well they don’t ‘do’ the dancing, you have to do that yourself but they supply the music.

                                                        If you’d like that sort of thing.
                                                                                                      Would you?”

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       ❝ Reservations —— ? 
               Reservations         where ?
               And     how’d     you     get
               reservations anywhere

     “Well you know how it is - you save a famous Parisian restaurant from being eaten by hulon bugs and they feel like they owe you.

                                                              And they don’t do takeaway.
                                                              Thought you might enjoy it.

               ———So fish and chips then?”


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       ❝ You’re looking a tiny bit
           more  posh   than  usual.

                              Why —— ? 

     “Just ——- reservations.
            But that’s the beauty of a time machine, right? You can pop back for reservations any time.

            Fish and chips then?”

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"Take these sunglasses and fake mustache. Pop your collar and follow me. Ask questions later."


Spontaneous (and probably bad ideas) Sentence Starters!

    “I’ll pass on the mustache, not really my thing.
You are joking, right? This isn’t a seventies detective show.”

     “Why not? Not one will ever know it’s you in a moustache. It’s the perfect disguise.

       And no I’m not joking. It’s been scientifically proven that this is the best way of blending in somewhere.”

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