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As The Lady Wishes


"Yeah," she responded - perhaps a little hesitantly, too.

"Unless you don’t want to, that’d be fine, I wouldn’t mind at all."

Because whilst that was something she’d wanted for a while, given a lot of thought to, she never wanted to upset him; oh, how she hoped he wouldn’t react badly to her finally asking him.

After all, she wouldn’t like to be the one to ruin their blissfully content day.

     The hesitance in her tone pushed his surprise to the back burner.

     “No, I wouldn’t mind. Not if you wanted that. Certainly isn’t the most outlandish thing I’ve ever been asked to do.” He frowned to himself. “And most of those were from people I’d barely known five minutes.”

      There was mostly definitely an air that she’d been building up to that request and so he smiled, silently telling her it was perfectly all right.

     His hand ran over her thigh beneath the covers.

      “So was there anything in particular you wanted?”

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chinsandcustard inquired:

“I want you to dominate me.” (oops clara wanted kink)

The Doctor was semi-snoozing quite happily, languidly kissing Clara’s shoulder and mentally taking note of how different parts of her skin tasted identical (which was very clever given the fact that even microscopic differences could vastly affect an outcome). As such he wasn’t entirely sure he’d heard her right.

Blinking, he propped himself up on one arm.

"Did you say you wanted me to-?"

The fact they were naked apparently didn’t make him any less coy.

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[text]:  Yes, are you getting the pictures?

[text]:  This is my new bra..isn’t it cute?

[text]:  You need to eat some steak, it’s good protein too.  

[text]:  She adores you..and me to be frank..which I am quite alright with. 

[text]:   When can we go visit her again?  Soon yes?

[text]: Keen are we?

[text]: Not that I’m not. The whole thing was intriguing.

[text]: These pants are shrinking, I’m sure.

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whouffle alphabet  {inspiration}
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Thread Starters : Kink Edition


  1. “Pretend you don’t want it.”
  2. “They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”
  3. “I want you. Right up against the window.”
  4. “You know I love you, right? I have every intention of fucking you like I don’t.”
  5. “Don’t pussyfoot around. I want it to hurt.”
  6. “Let me blindfold you.”
  7. “I want to make every inch of you mine.”
  8. “Wrap your hands around my throat.”
  9. “No, no. Leave your clothes on.”
  10.  “Home is too far away. No one’s going to see us here.”
  11.  “Just sit back and let me give you a show.”
  12.  “I want to make you bleed.”
  13.  “Relax. I’ll teach you the ropes.”
  14.  “Don’t worry. I won’t let you suffocate.”
  15.  “Clearly, you’ve never experienced silk sheets properly, then.”
  16.  “What would you think about adding a third party?”
  17.  “You can’t come until I say so. Understand?”
  18.  “That’s it. Touch yourself for me.”
  19.  “Bet I can make you come without ever touching your cock.”
  20.  “No using your hands. I’ll spread my lips and you lick.”
  21.  “Clean yourself out for me first.”
  22.  “Present yourself for me.”
  23.  “I want you to tie me up so I can’t get away.”
  24.  “I’m going to tie you to the bed posts and have my way with you.”
  25.  “I want you to dominate me.”
  26.  “You’re all mine, pet.”
  27.  “Oh fuck, yes. Bite me again.”
  28.  “Are you sure that’s going to fit?”
  29.  “I’m going to fill all your holes.”
  30.  “They’re next, after I’m done with you.”
  31.  “Just watch it with me. Maybe it’ll give us some ideas.”
  32.  “I want you to humiliate me.”
  33.  “You’re pathetic. If I wasn’t willing to fuck you, no one would.”
  34.  “It’s an ice cube, darling. Do you like it?”
  35.  “That’s good. Now spread your cheeks for me.”
  36.  “Don’t touch me. Just watch.”
  37.  “Are you sure you know how to use that?”
  38.  “I hope you don’t mind whip marks.”
  39.  [Text] What are you wearing?
  40.  “I want to drip candlewax all over you.”
  41.  “I know just how to make you relax.”
  42.  “Have you ever tried rimming?”
  43.  “Your muscles are in knots. Better let me rub you down.”
  44.  “I got the mirror so you can see yourself while I’m fucking you.”
  45.  “You’re not afraid of a little piece of ginger, are you?”
  46.  “I want to pour ___ all over you and then lick it off.”
  47.  “Oh my. I didn’t know you could move like that.”
  48.  “I’m your master/mistress and will be addressed as such.”
  49.  “I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.”
  50.  “Oh no. Not until you beg.”
  51.  “Tell me how good this feels.”
  52.  “On your knees.”
  53.  “I’ll do anything you want me to do to you, but you have to say it out loud.”
  54.  “Better be quiet or they’ll hear you.”
  55.  “Relax your throat.”
  56.  “I want you to ride me.”
  57.  “Oh, that hurts so good.”
  58.  “I want to hear you scream.”
  59.  “Better be quiet or they’ll hear you.”
  60.  “Strung up with a spreader bar is a good look for you.”
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[text]:  Yes, are you getting the pictures?

[text]:  This is my new bra..isn’t it cute?

[text]:  Yes, I do enjoy you shirtless.  Though you could use with a few good meals.  I can see your ribs. 

[text]:  Why are your pants tight?

[text]:  I prefer this shot of you..remember Clara took that picture of you, you were looking at me because I had clothes on!


[text]:I’ve been very busy. I’m eating bananas. They’re good for you.

[text]: Partly designed like that and partly your bra

[text]: Yeah I didn’t approve of her clothes. And I got her back for that photo. Although I think she considered it a reward.

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[text]:  Yes, are you getting the pictures?

[text]:  This is my new bra..isn’t it cute?

[text]:  Of course you were stirring a banana milkshake.  I honestly shouldn’t be surprised.

[text]:  Skills are sexy..you’re right.  Though you shirtless is even sexier.

[text]:  Just saying..

[text]: Much easier than getting my hand in my pants. These trousers are tight.

[text]: Like this? Not as good as your picture admittedly

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