Anonymous inquired:

Do you have any other blogs?

Yes dear nonnie

I have a Victorian Clara and a fandom/craft/barely used blog

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enchantedclara inquired:

"How many lives have you taken with your own hands?"

"Too many. And mostly with little more than a push of a button. It’s easier that way. Easier and much, much worse."

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claraosity inquired:

"You’ll stay alone if you push others away."

"Sometimes alone isn’t so bad, Clara. Sometimes it’s better than the alternative."

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"Please… hold me. Don’t say anything, just… hold me."


     {It isn’t in his nature to say nothing - the man who talks - but he stays silent for her sake}

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chinsandcustard inquired:

clare bunny u the cutest

Thank you Brenda/Doctor/Clever :D

Bunnies are the perfect gif FC. They make everyone happy.

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"I can’t take this any longer. Help me."


  “I don’t know what to do —-

                 just tell me what to do!”

The panic in Clara’s voice was unmistakable, wide brown orbs looking up at him with something much like desperation. 

                           Please, I don’t know how to help you. 

     The Doctor thrashed, gritted teeth, still trying to pull the remaining poisonous barbs out of his skin. An abandoned wasn’t really his chosen preference of emergency medical centre but when the plants outside had been trying to kill you then you couldn’t be picky.

     “Deep jacket pocket. Yellow vial. Not the orange one. That would be bad.”

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“I swear, if they so much as breathe next to you, I’ll knock them out.”



"It’s fine, Doctor —- leave it.

 I can look after myself, alright?

 I ain’t gunna be some damsel in distress.” 


  “I dunno, it’s just something they do. Think they’re just showing off in front of their mates. Don’t ask me — humans are weird. Those humanoids from Lexica are more romantic than most men I’ve ever met.”

     “Well I suppose they do ask for their horizontal fun times in an extremely eloquent manner.

          Even though they do call it ‘horizontal fun times’.”

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{out of the box}

Sorry ladies and gents, I’ll get to those meme/meme replies people have for me shortly - trying to take advantage of the final bit of my energy by finishing some work first.

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Random roleplayer meme.

How I look when roleplaying normally.

How I look when roleplaying pairings

How I look when my muse won't cooperate and I struggle to do any replies.

How I look when I am impatient for a reply.

How I look when a roleplay dies.

How I look when real life people catch me roleplaying.

Alright roleplayers let’s see your variations!

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Random Sentences (Angsty ones)


"How do you really feel about me?"

"Can’t you pretend to love me this once?"

"Would you care if I was gone?"

"Don’t you know the hell I go through to keep you safe?"

"I can’t take this any longer. Help me."

"Deep down, you’re scared. Aren’t you?"

"You’ll stay alone if you push others away."

"How many lives have you taken with your own hands?"

"Just for today. Please."

"You’re the only one who’s never called me that…"

"We can make it work! Let’s run away together, you and me!"

"I… have loved you this whole time."

"Treat me as you see fit. I’ll still protect you. It’s my role after all."

"Maybe it’s too much for me to expect kindness."

"You give me meaning, even if you take it away."

"Please… hold me. Don’t say anything, just… hold me."

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