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One of my friends cosplayed Victorian Clara too and I was so impressed.

I’m off to see Nightvale live tomorrow night but I will endeavour to catch up on threads asap.

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Bubble Bath


A gasp escaped from her lungs, though it was only met with his mouth on hers. He’d never kissed her like this before—in fact, Clara was sure that no one had ever kissed her like this before, nor would they ever. Nothing could compare to this. It was something else entirely, more than just a physical act. Her mind was undoubtedly open to him; there was nothing she had to hide from him, everything within her reaching out for him. He was all around her as well, and she could feel everything that he did, the thrill and excitement, desire and affection.

She returned the kiss hungrily, a low hum of pleasure vibrating throughout her chest as her fingers ran almost roughly through his hair. This wasn’t close enough for her, Clara wanted more. She’d been given a taste and it wasn’t enough anymore. There would never be enough of him. Seconds more and she’d have crashed against him, contouring her own body against his, yet she held herself back for his sake.

“Doctor,” she whispered, voice ghosting across his lips, her forehead resting against his own. Until now it had been portrayed with unspoken words, emotions exchanged between them, but she had to say it now. Two hearts and they both belonged to him, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love you. I love you with everything I am, everything I’ll ever be.”

     The Doctor’s head was spinning as much from the intoxication of her feelings flooding into his mind as he was the hungry nature of her returning kiss. He groaned involuntarily as her nails brushed his scalp, so distracted that he almost missed her beautiful words.

     “I’m still not sure I understand why,” he admitted, needing to catch his breath, lips briefly brushing hers. “I still think that if you really knew me, if you knew all the mistakes I’ve made and the people I’ve let down that you’d think differently.”

    His eyes squeezed closed tight for a moment. He knew those feelings weren’t necessarily right but it didn’t mean they were any less real. He was a man of many faults and she deserved to know that before she committed herself further.

     “But I do love you. As much as I’ve ever loved anyone.”

     Which was saying something after 1200 years of living.

     Large hands, worn and warm ran up her bare back, getting to know her. He certainly wasn’t short of desire for her. He suspected she could feel that too.

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"I think we should have another."



Parenting sentence meme


"You…You sure?" The small brunette asked, teeth sinking into her ruby red bottom lip. She’d been thinking about it lately. Her mind tended to wander while she cooked. She didn’t know why, but it just happened. She hadn’t been sure whether he wanted the same thing or not. Not until now.


   His goofy smile assured her enough to give him a smile in return. She really didn’t see why they shouldn’t try for another. They were well off enough to have another baby, and she got the feeling that Lucas tended to feel a little lonely when having to stay at home.

   Her nose, however, crinkled at his comment. She knew that they had but, this was different. This wasn’t playing. It was something they’d have to do carefully, and Lucas was growing up a lot already.

  “Yeah, but that was when he was a baby and couldn’t really understand it all. Now he’s older and he has the ability to ask us if he can hear us making noise at night. I’ll give my dad a ring and see if he can spare a weekend. If not, I’m sure he’d love to visit Vastra and Jenny again.”

     The Doctor admittedly didn’t think of practical things like were they well enough off, were there enough bedrooms and how would they manage the childcare. All those everyday considerations got pushed to one side when you had a time machine in the back garden. Perhaps it was all a bit too easily convenient - felt like cheating - but he didn’t care. He’d happily agreed to give Clara a version of a ‘normal’ life but it didn’t have to be without it’s advantages.

     He blushed a bit when she pointed out that Lucas could not only hear them, he could understand. And ask awkward questions.

     “Fair point. You do tend to be quite noisy.”

     He was mostly teasing.

     “One weekend, eh?” he grinned. “We’ll have to get busy.”

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"Are you coming onto me?"


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"I've looked up things about your symptoms.. Are you pregnant?"


"Uhh… What?" Clara turned quickly on the spot, dropping the bundle of homework files in her hands. With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, Clara knelt down and clumsily began to collect them together, "No… I don’t think… I mean why would you say that?"

     In hindsight he probably shouldn’t have stopped her in the middle of the corridor at school to tell her that. He shouldn’t even really be here at all but the staff had got quite used to Clara’s odd boyfriend popping in and he’d managed to charm the Head with tickets to the last rugby international.

     Glancing around hurriedly for any nosy students - he suspected she wouldn’t want them hearing this - he knelt down and helped her collect up the files.

     “Well only because the way you were feeling seemed oddly familiar so I put the symptoms into the TARDIS medical database and that was the top result. Then I Googled it just to make sure. I thought I should tell you in case you should be resting or something.”

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Take Me


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A Little Bit Impossible


He hadn’t said what he did, but somehow Clara just knew. It seemed as though he’d placed a wall between them. Curiosity captured her attention, and she actually wanted to test the limitations, discover just what this was. Her mind reacted as if on instinct, knowing just what to do. Mind outstretched, she knew she encountered some kind of barrier. She noted that she’d have to learn how to do that, or at least keep her thoughts to herself. 

Hand still in his, she walked with him to the drawing room, which was not very far away once they had left the console room. Vastra and Jenny both appeared rather surprised to see her, as if they had both been expecting her to die, to simply wither away until nothing was left. No, she was the impossible girl. If there was anyone that could have survived, it was her. Strax on the other hand… it looked as though Strax would start questioning her, probably worried that she was some kind of impostor or clone.

Clara smiled, a gentle nod in response. She was relieved to see that they were all well, not even appearing as if they had a scratch on them. “I’m so glad you all are alright. Glad I’m alright too, actually. The Doctor saved me, not entirely sure how, but I’m happy it’s over.”  Jenny seemed to accept that answer with nothing more as a response than a smile. Vastra, however, seemed quite intrigued, more than likely wondering just what had been done; Clara had been dying, yet here she was walking about as if nothing at all had even happened. Then, she had no idea what Strax was thinking, and she really didn’t want to know even.

"We can get you all home now though. I’m sure you’re all ready to get back, rest up a bit. Would really be lovely if we could stay though, recover and just relax. Kind of like a holiday, right, Doctor?"

     Despite the block the Doctor attempted to hold, he still felt Clara’s curiosity. A prickling on the back of his neck as though the hand she had in his had sneaked up and caressed the vulnerable skin there. He couldn’t deny that part of him liked it, craving the intimacy he hadn’t shared with someone in an awfully long time. It hurt too, reminding his starkly of just how alone he’d been.

     “Of course you can stay,” Vastra replied to Clara although her suspicious eyes were still on the Doctor. “I’m sure we can find plenty to discuss after all.”

     The look he gave her in return verged on a pout. Why should he explain himself to her? Or suffer her judgement? His TARDIS, his companion, his rules. He’d done the right thing hadn’t he? Clara was alive after all.

     Perhaps it wasn’t Vastra’s disapproval that annoyed him though, more the idea that she was bound to ask the difficult questions he didn’t want to answer.

     “We should discuss tactics.” Strax piped up. “And defence. It is quite clear that we were woefully under prepared for such an eventuality as this. We will start training drills immediately.”

     The Doctor sighed, tiredness and the threat of an oncoming interrogation wearing his patience thin.

     “Strax, shut up and go to the console room. Everyone else; go to the console room.”

     The look he gave Clara was softer with a hint of a smile.

     “You might want to go and pick out something a bit more Victorian from the wardrobe. I need to land a few streets from Vastra’s and that skirt is shorter than most local’s underwear. Don’t want to cause a scandal.”

     He thought about it.

     “Well, all right normally I do. But I’m too tired for a scandal today.”

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Bubble Bath


His hands were cool against her waist, and she gave a grin of approval. Truthfully, Clara wasn’t very sure how to take that answer, at least at first. She made it very clear once before that she would not be competing with a ghost, that she was not a ghost; that meant even more now, because now she would never be a ghost to him. Her lifespan would equal his, she would never fade from him, nor would he fade from her. Clara imagined that it had been a long time since he’d been this close with anyone, and that was what he meant. Perhaps it was not what he intended, yet she interpreted it as a small notion of affection, an admittance that he was happy—just as he once had been.

“Feels new to me,” she mused, arms snaking up his arms until her hands came to rest on his shoulders. This was new, a certain thrill drifting through her head; it was that feeling she got when they would land somewhere new and step out on to a whole new world. Adrenaline coursed through her, joining with the sea of other chemicals. It was the feeling where she wanted to jump, straight into whatever this was, whatever the future held for them.

“I don’t want to scare you away.” Tongue darting out to moisten her lips, she sought out his gaze. Clara was ready to jump, but she was not so sure that he was as well.

     Tentatively, like he was slowly navigating through a memory only just found again, the Doctor reached up to brush her hair back. He could feel her anticipation floating through her, that excitement that he hadn’t had a chance to feel from another in a millennia. Not like this. Not someone who shared with him only what another of his kind could. It was heady and intoxicating, over riding doubts that were all doubts about himself and nothing to do with how he felt about her.

      “You won’t scare me away,” he promised watching how her tongue flicked softly against her lips. It seemed to make a decision for him.

     He sat up, swift, slopping water over the edge of the bath as his arms curled around her waist and he kissed her. And oh did he kiss her. Nothing like the hesitant, always taking her lead kisses before now. His lips brushed hers with desire and confidence, nipping softly, demanding her pleasure from the action. Letting her feel through their bond just how much this thrilled him too.

     He still tried to keep her on his thighs because much further forward and she might feel how this was starting to affect him. He wasn’t sure that’s what this was though and so for her sake he tried to keep the modicum of control. He didn’t want to scare her away either.

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