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send me a ☾ for my muse waking up to find yours in their bed in the middle of night

     The Doctor has woken up in some strange places from time to time - the donkey caravan was a particularly interesting one - but he normally wakes up alone. Or in a group of similarly confused new friends. He doesn’t, as a rule, wake up in a strange bed (a hotel? He vaguely remembers a party) next to an awful lot of red hair that definitely doesn’t belong to him. Thankfully it does belong to someone - because disembodied hair would all the stranger - but he’s wide awake in an instant, drawing the covers up.

    He really hopes he’s not naked.

"Would you believe me if I said you are kind of cute?" She replied with a smirk as she looked him up and down again.

"Although if I were honest… my roommate probably would have ripped out your spine if you ended up in her room instead, so I would have to say you were let off pretty easy."


      The Doctor looked distinctly bashful as she eyed him up and down, drawing the covers a bit closer.

    “Well this is much preferable to spine ripping so thanks. I’ll just….”

     He nodded towards the door.

     “Once I’ve found my shirt and shoes.”

     They couldn’t have gone far.

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trappedinabluebus replied to your post: OOC: I’ve been having a rather stress…

you look gorgeous!

Thank you my dear!

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    A malfunction. Was that all it could be? Is that the only reason her future self managed to keep a hold of her humanity? It was simply a malfunction when it came to converting the piece of her. No, it most certainly had nothing to do with the girl they were converting who happened to be just as stubborn as the original.

    Her hands curled tight around the coffee cup in frustration and the paper started giving way. She stilled her hands when she realized what she was doing. It looked sad now half crumpled and bow sagging when left at her mercy. Perhaps bringing the girl with memories of a Dalek wasn’t the best plan, or perhaps it would later prove to be useful. Whichever the case she wasn’t going to back down now. Even if The Doctor hadn’t said it he needed her for this expedition. He wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t.

    ”If they think it’s a trick then why are they keeping it around? I would think they wouldn’t want to keep it in their base if they thought it was some sort of trap. Have they read about the Trojans?” She asked raising a brow? She didn’t have a vast understanding of military works, but they honestly should know about the Trojan horse. Then again that story was old when she learned about it and she was rather ancient to them as well. “I don’t think it’s a trick. If it was a trick I think the Dalek would have made some sort of attack already. 

     The Doctor glanced up in time to see Clara inadvertently taking something out on the defenceless coffee cup and had to bit the inside of his mouth to remain quiet. He was giving her the choice remember? It was up to her to say something and if he brought it up himself then he was already breaking the promise that he’d made.

      Instead he listened to her reasoning, smiling broadly at the way she worked things through.

      “This is why I bring you along,” he praised. “That and you brighten up the place.”

       Without thinking he placed an arm around her, squeezing her shoulders and dropping a kiss into her hair before….


       He froze momentarily and then awkwardly slipped away, putting the console between them.

       “But yes, I don’t think it’s a trick. Or if it is it’s a very stupid one. Something’s changed this Dalek and we need to find out what.”

       Because the soldiers may not have any notion about what they could do with that knowledge but he most certainly did. A man who’d spent a thousand years at war looking for a way to end the most dangerous one of all; the idea appealed beyond all words.

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Anonymous inquired:

((ooh, who is this Ichabod you speak of? I've been looking for an RP blog for them for months!))

It’s beheadiing

I love Ichabod. He’s my other favourite male character on TV. I love to see what confuses and outrages him about modern life each week (so far in this ep it’s wedding planners and pens with chains on them).

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OOC: I’ve been having a rather stressful last month or so therefore treated myself to the steampunk Lolita dress I wanted and a birdcage petticoat. I love this dress so much already (apologies for so-so pics!)

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